Jun. 29th, 2017

Another week has passed without getting my Lilies notes transcribed. That will be my next post. This week we've had rain a couple times so getting the lawn mowed took some planning. Got that done Monday while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook for coronation. Friday was a movie... Wonder Woman was as good as friends had indicated. Other wise the week was the usual gaming on Sunday, FoodNet Tuesday*, MagMor get-together and supper on Wednesday. The computer has locked up again over the weekend and this time NTT says it's the computer and not the connection so nothing they can fix. Leofwyna has Fausti lined up for a replacement, just have to wait for it to be accomplished. So I've been spending time at the library for computer access. With the computer down I've been spending time in the evenings upstairs with Leofwyna watching tv and fripping. Got two bags done this week. This morning (Thursday) I found water on the floor downstairs again so that's to deal with today. Last night at supper Owain and Gerald sounded like they were willing to help with pruning the maple tree. If I can get Arne, too, we should be able to make good work of it without the expense of the tree surgeon who's going to be working on the tree next door. That sounds like a much better ideal fiscally. As long as no one hurts themselves.

*potato, flour, carrots, raspberries, half dozen eggs, apple turnovers, pasta, cake mix, hamberger helper, green beans
Now to cover LILIES... I didn't go until Saturday for various reasons. I pulled into troll just before they closed for the night which meant I was looking for a spot to put up the camper in the dark. "Campers' Row" was half filled with campers but the other half was filled with parked cars. It took nearly an hour of looking and backing and looking and backing but I finally settled in the trailer park under a couple trees which turned out to have very nice shade well past noon on sunny days. Especially in hindsight as campers' row is noisy with the ice truck and traffic I was content. Sunday and Monday I sewed rats, Tuesday I sewed my three-panel skirt and Thursday I started my new red shift which will go with my mustard caftan. I made a grocery run Monday and made supper for the group Tuesday. The apple-sausage-and-bean pot worked very well with five-cup salad alongside. Tuesday night I was already thinking about leaving early but commitment for Thursday prevailed. The steady breeziness Sunday and Monday kept things from getting too uncomfortable. Tuesday was rather hot without the strong breeze. I'd missed the first rains of the war but Wednesday a morning rain blew through. I had 'last' troll Wednesday evening missing court which had been rescheduled from five to seven to my dismay. Tigernan got a torse. Another storm blew through even earlier Thursday morning. My day was busy getting ready for the Pirate Party and was able to be on schedule... then another storm blew through and I wasn't able to fire up the grill. A much reduced party did happen into the evening under the shelter of the Great Machine but I loaded up and slipped away. One new song was created telling how Gerald became Gack Goodrum the pirate. Friday morning when I woke I recognized I was done; ready to load up and go. Each morning I was progressively light headed and I deduced it was the DEET accumulating from spraying my legs each day; that had to stop. Breaking down camp I called up to a gentleman passing on the road for help bringing down the roof. Turned out to be Luther and he helped me line up the RAV to the hitch and get attached. Good thing too as I wave of dizziness hit as I bent to hook up... woah!!! I had no trouble on the road home (being upright) and pulled in at dusk to find Leofwyna doing yardwork. Her surgery had been postponed.



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