May. 28th, 2017

Friday we loaded up the RAV and trailer and were heading out of town to Horse and Falcon at Smithville by 2:30 in the afternoon. A little sooner than I'd anticipated but later than Leofwyna had hoped. We stopped at a couple thrift stores in St Jo before heading on to Smithville where we were fortunate to get permission to park with the horse trailers near the permanent showers. Saturday we awoke to rain so went back to sleep. Didn't get dressed and out until after two when the weather cleared up some... though it did rain again during court. Gyda's laureling was a lovely rite and her scroll is pyrography on a loom... the tablet cards can be laid out together to show a laurel wreath. Very cool! Following court Leofwyna and I changed, dropped the trailer and were back on the road by 7pm. We stopped for supper at Red Lobster in St Joseph and got home near 10. The RAV was quickly unloaded and then loaded to Sunday's JAV duties. The morning is going to be early to get the sunshade set up and the camera key arranged to the afternoon's photo sessions.



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