Mar. 1st, 2017

Tuesday being pleasant (but not sunny) I headed out to get the car licensed, go to lunch and stop in at the south Goodwill where I found way more to bring home than I probably should have. This included a bushel for the garden, a purse, a couple wooden boxes (to make over for largess), a card compact, a taupe shawl, a file purse (for the gift drawer), and I don't remember what all. I got to FoodNet in good time but our row was nearly last so things were rather picked over. I got a hand of decent bananas, a tomato, poppy seed rolls, and key lime cookies. Leofwyna showed up to let me know she was going to Fibre Arts and was convinced to go through the line too. More bananas and I don't know what else but I'll be making banana bread tomorrow. While at the sewing table working on Kronberg blends Leofwyna was thinking aloud about how we might manage Gulf War and New Orleans this year. in just a couple weeks. Sounds like we'll be going!



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