Feb. 8th, 2017

Monday and Tuesday continued fighting off this cold and really not accomplishing much on the to-do list although we did get the camper pushed into the garage Monday. I took myself out to lunch both days. With a stop at the south Goodwill I found a beautiful green car coat which I'll give to Leofwyna as green is her color and I already have my great turquoise car coat. Tuesday I did make it to FoodNet and being the second letter called up was able to come home with some really nice stuff (qt pineapple juice, croissants, chocolate bar, runza, two big apples, onion, sweet potato, grated cheddar cheese, motzarella cheese, a fruited quick bread and crackers). When it came time for supper though I went lazy and called for a pizza from Valentino's. At the sewing table I'm still progressing through the Sash's tote fabric but the end is in sight.



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