Jan. 8th, 2017

Friday afternoon I baked up a double batch of banana bread.  We are really enjoying using up inexpensive, overripe bananas this way.  Leofwyna had an errand in the evening and I baked up a package of chicken thighs so I could have some with my leftover goa rice... nom!

Saturday morning got up VERY early to load up and go to Council Bluffs for Lonely Tower's 12th Night.  I wore my new Florentine daydress, adding the sleaves for court to 'dress up'.  There was a morning court to tag Volkmar for Pelican and everything was ready for him to receive his elevation at afternoon court this same day.  I spent the day visiting, hand-sewing and by 4 o'clock eyestrain struck with painful muscles in my right eye and threatening headache.  I put away the sewing and was able to enjoy court but alarmed Leofwyna by 'disappearing' afterwards.  I'd only sat down at a quiet table when I came out of the bathroom and she couldn't find me.  We went with Volkmar, Isadora, Asa and Morgana to Greek Isles for supper.  OMG it was good.  I don't know why we haven't been there in so long; it was one of Roxane's favorites way back when.



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