Oct. 5th, 2016

Tuesday it rained.  It rained lightly in the morning.  It rained when I was in the library in the afternoon.  And OMG it rained hard mid evening.  There was even a tornado watch during the evening storm.  I'm thinking we've had enough rain for the week at least.  After lunch and time on the computer at the library I stopped in at FoodNet and got a nice big turbin squash, a couple apples, a tangerine, a pineapple, a can of apricots, a bag of green beans, half a dozen eggs, a bag of chips and a loaf of whole grain bread.  For supper I tried a new cassarole recipe with cauliflower and hamberger which turned out pretty well... I'll certainly try it again sometime.  At the sewing table I continued to iron the washed cutters and began cutting strips from them.

NOTE:  Someone took one of our trash bins.  I had it sitting out with the tv and mattress by the curb but it was full of trash so one could hardly think it was up for grabs, d---it!



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