Sep. 7th, 2016

Tuesday we drove up to Estes and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  This time we were able to make it up Trail Ridge Drive to the visitors' center at the top.  It was a beautiful day and the vistas were glorious.  Coming back down we took the north drive where we saw all the elk last fall.  This time we saw four males and nine females; also several magpies... not a flock but that many.  I think they were interested in a roadkill.  I didn't know magpies did that.  We stopped for supper at Sweet Basilico in Estes; worth a return visit sometime.  Back at the house I quilted the rest of that line before fading out.  Bed earlier than usual.
Wednesday morning was wakened by the phone at eight and the housemaid at 8:30 so gave it up and got up.  So much accomplished before noon, shopping for meals the next couple days and more peaches to can as well as marking the next line to quilt.  After lunch I canned seven jars of peaches... packed as tight as I could with quarters and still have an inch under the floating fruit.  Oh well.  Leofwyna made spagetti salad and apple crisp for supper.  Quilted some more after supper until fingers hurt too much and switched to reading backlog on a new quilter's blog.



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