May. 2nd, 2016

Saturday Leofwyna was up early and off to a silk banner painting.  As the rains were still preventing any mowing I spent the day at the library on the computers and stopping in at a couple of the Goodwills for the 99-cent sales.  Only bought one item thought, a pretty royal blue party cardigan with subtle sequins across the shoulders.  We did the do it yourself with leftovers for supper.  Sunday we'd made plans with Morgana to head out to Crete for an afternoon of Mexican dominos with Carlos.  He's been there a couple weeks for physical therapy following foot surgery and will probably be there a couple more weeks and is, no doubt, getting rather bored in the times between sessions.  Anyway, for a wonder I came away with the win at dominos with the lowest score although I only went out once.  On the way home we stopped in at the south Goodwill where I found a pair of over the knee green and white striped stockings just right for summer wear with my sca garb.  We ate at Greenfields before dropping Morgana off and heading home.  At the sewing table I'm putting together another 50 blocks, trying to get another top ready in time for Wednesday's pick-up (I probably will not succeed in meeting this deadline).



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