Apr. 20th, 2016

Tuesday, since it had rained in Lincoln Monday, gardening was right out of the question.  I woke earlier than I would have preferred but got going by unloading the van while Leofwyna slept.  I then headed out to find breakfast, stop in at a couple thrift stores here (found a great sleaveless zipper-vest) and spend time at the library for computer time (ours is still on the fritz).  Leaving the library I tripped on a crack in the parking lot and barely avoided a face plant to the amusement of some kids 'hanging' around the premises.  Perhaps I need to rethink wearing wool socks with my leather mules as that was part of the problem in regaining my footing.  At the sewing table Tuesday night while catching up on some tv programs I began sorting stips for an Irish Chain but was reminded I'd used an inordinate amount of my green bits on Leofwyna's quilt top so instead I'm sorting for borders for Something Blue instead.
Wednesday, again we had rain during the night, so I put away the pantry tote and started some laundry.  I headed out to the library early so I could visit the computer before the Philosophy Night meeting.  Looking at the yard it occurs to me that once the lawn is dry enough I need to mow before dealing with my gardening.  So enough rain for the time being.



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