Feb. 20th, 2016

Thursday morning Leofwyna called from Florida.  Shelly died in her sleep.  What a distressing thing to have happen the first day of their vacation.  Leofwyna posted the following to the Barony...  "I'm afraid that I have sad news to impart. While starting our vacation in Florida, Sabina le Smith/Shelly Smith Myers (Toli's widow) passed away gently in her sleep last night. I have no details on why she died or when the family will be able to make arrangements.  Try to take comfort, as I am, in knowing that she is now where she most wanted to be...in Toli's arms.  Hug your peeps tonight."  Leofwyna called again in the afternoon.  She'd successfully changed her flight to Friday.

I spent my days Thursday and Friday as originally planned finding and setting up for my sewing days for Camera Key and Gold Key.  I'm not getting a lot of response to my request for labor except for Morgana.  Kate is coming too but she'll be working on her gambason project so she can get advice during the process.  Oh well, Leofwyna will be back and I'll set her to work on some of it too.  Friday evening I actually got one blouse made over into a sleeve-partlet to add to camera key while I waited for Leofwyna to get home.



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