Feb. 5th, 2016

Wednesday we decided not to try to go to the usual meeting (missing the chance to finish the scroll started last week) although we probably could have made it as streets were relatively cleared.  Just as well we didn't though as I started Wednesday evening with cold symptoms that laid me flat all day Thursday.  No need to spread that around.  I had thought I'd be able to keep up with the weekend plans  though and Leofwyna managed prepping the camper by herself.  However, when we got up Friday it was snowing again and neither of us wanted to get on the roads with the camper and snow.  The trip bringing the trailer home last year is still very clear in our minds.  So we missed meeting Suzi Friday, attending Sash's memorial at Clothiers Saturday and hitting thrift stores in KC Sunday. I haven't been out since last Sunday so I sure do hope my car will start when I do go somewhere this weekend.  I don't think I can stand to make it a full week before getting out somewhere...anywhere.



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