Jan. 20th, 2016

Saturday we had Winter War Maneuveres out at the Lancaster event center.  The numbers were pretty low as I understand we had some competition.  There was a rather large contingent from Outlands though.  I had volunteered for clean up at the center but as it turned out the center's people were bored and waiting for the bull-riding event next door to be done later.  They said leave the table-and-chair stacking and the sweeping up for them to do.  We had only to take down the thrones and Natalya's easy-up that was the privey chamber.  Easy-peasy.  We went to supper with Isabeau and Carlos at the chinese buffet.  It sounded like folks were spreading out to several venues which was probably better than descending on one place en-mass.  Although the weather was getting filthy we went out to Waverly for the post-revel birthday party.  Belinda's cupcakes were VERY good.  I think I had four of them but that was okay as there were 200 cupcakes but I doubt there were fifty people present.  Temperatures are bitter cold so Sunday we stayed in and were very lazy.  We did spend the evening putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Monday I went out in spite of the bitter cold just to get out awhile and we needed milk.  We got another inch of snow that night; less than predicted for a blessing.  Tuesday Leofwyna got out for her seneschal session with Cat and I paid the kid who knocked at the door to scoop our snow.  Neither of us needed to be out doing that in the bitter cold and this child has been persistant in wanting the work.  At the sewing table the sniglets are under control and I'm back to adding rows on the strippie top. 



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