Wednesday afternoon I made three batches of banana bread and only used up the sorriest bananas; there's still enough bananas for half a dozen more batches if I can find the time. I did some kronberg blocks at the sewing table during the afternoon also. Tonight was social moot where I quilted as we talked. Supper at Misty's followed, perhaps a little expensive.
Wednesday morning woke up to snow on the ground... light enough I don't feel the need to go scoop it fortunately. Stayed in for the afternoon wowrking on the kronberg blends... have nearly enough 10" blocks for two more tops. Rode with Leofwyna to moot which is downtown for a few weeks.
Wednesday we pulled the trailer into the garage for the winter.  That evening was, of course, moot followed by supper with the gang at Culvars.  At home again I finished stitching down the new binding on the TOSB comforter.  Thursday I cooked up the pumpkin and made two batches of banana bread.   I brought the rest of the canning jars and the Gold Key totes into the house.  Outside the cold is bitter these days and I'm reluctant to go out.
Wednesday at moot the A&S didne't happen so we farbled instead.  I discussed the idea of a shared community garden with Haldora but apparently Gyda beat me to it.  I wanted a place for potatoes and since we arent traveling in spring-summer this year maybe I should go ahead and do it by myself anyway.  We went to Zoup! for supper but they'd changed their hours so we ended up at Pepper Jax instead.  I went up the line to Noodles for take out before joining the rest at table.    Thursday I went ahead and rejoined for six months on the premise I'd have gift money this month for it.  That way it will be over before summer business overtakes me.  At the sewing table the tumblers have been sized and set aside again; now a red strippie top has been started for Kronberg.
Wednesday after lunch and computer time I balanced my checkbook.  Spent a couple hours at it and still off but by considerably less than when I started,  Very frustrating because I balanced perfectly last month.  Went to moot in the evening, and supper at HuHot with the group.  Passed off a bag of books to Morgana.  Felt a sort of low-grade depression all day.  Keep thinking, "Stay in the now, don't borrow trouble," much like I did those years married to Carl.  Not a condition I ever wanted to return to, damn it!
Wednesday after lunch and computer time at the library I returned home to take Leofowyna's place overseeing the work in the laundry room so she could get ready and go to moot.  Terry continued working until completely done with that part of the project at 7:40 so I missed going to moot and was too late to catch up with the crew for supper.  I stopped in at Red Robin with my book and had one of my salads there.  Back at home I continued working on the Tea Party blocks at the sewing table.
Wednesday I went and bought more hangers.  I don't know where they disappear to but I wasn't able to hang everything up the last time I did laundry.  In the evening was moot and supper with the gang at China Wall.  At the sewing table today I finished the two pink strip tops for Kronberg and started putting sniglets together since the bag was full.  
Wednesday after a quiet afternoon I headed out for moot at the library followed by supper with the group at Cowboy Chicken.  Thursday I was up bright and early to get the lawn mown before the day heated up again.  I spent the afternoon and evening at the sewing table putting the pink/purple strips into two tops.  There's a large segment leftover so a third, bordered, top is planned with that.
NOTE:  At some point this month I looked up the Cat House again and find that Maggie has apparently found a new home as she is no longer listed as available.  Good luck, Maggie, and bless you!
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I've been getting the three half-shirts put together.  I only have to do the ties now.  Wednesday was changed to business moot since suddenly we don't have a meeting space next week.  The gang all went to Red Robin after moot.  Since the weather has been so fine for a couple weeks I'm considering the possibility of working some of the raised beds early this year.  Now, just to get the energy pulled together to actually do so.
Tuesday I ended up 'vegging out'.  We ate leftovers, watched recorded stuff and napped.  I sought out every Facebook comment I could find re Sash.  There were some wonderful, beautiful comments all through the day.  Wednesday I stirred myself up and went out to get a haircut before going to Wednesday's social night and supper.  Thursday was another coasting day (I have been piecing 1.25 strips at the sewing table)... but Friday we pulled things together and got busy in the garage again.  I put up the sunshade and tables while Leofwyna sawed down an  inconvenient post and dug up a bush that's been in the way.
Wednesday I loaded up six bushels of compost for the potato beds.  Unloaded four of them, leaving the final two bushels in the car to unload another day. Showered and headed south for busness moot this evening and supper with the gang.
Wednesday I spent the afternoon out and continued to out social moot with supper following.   At the sewing table the wonky stars top is coming together.
Wednesday Leofwyna headed out for errands so we found our ways separately to business moot followed by supper with the gang.  Leofwyna got to tell all her travel stories.  At the end of the evening back at home the computer did a dump and freeze so I left it running a 'clean-up' and reload through the night.

Thursday it continues to be unseasonably COLD!  I stayed in all day either on the computer or sewing logs and cornerstones to the second cornerstone top.
Wednesday Leofwyna and I went together to the largess A&S where we didn't accomplish anything at all despite it being scheduled more than a month ago.  Thursday.  Thursday and I'm still adding logs to the last sett which uses cornerstones, and I started two new setts trying to use up the 1.25 strips in basket weave blocks.
Wednesday I headed across town for the fifth wednesday moot.  We had a pretty good turn-out for a simple farble followed by supper at VI.  Thursday I finally hit the community garden plot to turn-over and pluck weeds.  I was only half done when I lost the light so I will HAVE to finish Friday to meet the deadline.
Tuesday and Wednesday since I was up late I woke late too.  I don't like this development but can't seem to correct it and Leofwyna is no help; she's doing it too.  Anyway, lots of "logs" are getting added to setts (counting the top that is completed, there are seven setts) and the available strips are satisfyingly disappearing from the drawers.  I went to moot alone as Leofwyna is busy with her travel preperations.
Wednesday we went together to 'social' moot, where we had a really good turn out, followed by supper together at VI.  Otherwise Wednesday and Thursday has been piecing log cabin blocks and computer time including followin the 'leaves' for genealogy.

Wednesday was another pretty day and I should have gotten some yardwork done, however I didn't accomplish any of that. I went to check out some storm windows on Freecycle and thought I'd take at least a couple but couldn't fit them in the car and had to leave them behind.  I took some of my salsa and some chips to share at Walt Library where we were only a few this week. 
Wednesday I only got the community garden watered and some tomatoes delivered to Sash before going to moot where final discussions and plans were made for Cattle Raids.  I skipped out on supper this time though. Back at home at the sewing table I'm putting purple/gold pairs together.

Thursday in addition to watering the community garden and the lawn at home I straightened up the house in anticipation of the visit of our masseuse.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well today and cancelled.  At the sewing table tonight I assembled purple/gold quads while we watched So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway.

Wednesday I headed over to water the potato bed in the community garden.  I need to go back soon to cut back the weeds around the edges where the volunteer mower won't chance hitting a vegetable.  The Gentleman-tiller was there pulling hose and I got the chance to thank him for tilling for me this spring.  I must remember to give him a bag of potatoes when I'm harvesting them.  But today, on the chance it might actually rain, I went back home to mow the lawn.  It was sprinkling, but it just wouldn't rain hard enough to make me quit so I got two-thirds done before I ran out of time.  Tonight was moot and plans must proceed for Cattle Raids coming up in August. We had a big crowd at supper and lots more discussion.  Oh, and south Lincoln got more rain but doesn't look like we got much here in the north!

[NOTE]  The volunteer mower and gentleman tiller is the same person.



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