Friday Leofwyna and I went out to help with setting up JAV.  The pavillion, presence sunshade and three subsidiary sunshades were put up in the SCA area and archery got a sunshade up the hill.  Sunday we were up very early and on site around nine.  It was a beautifully clear, sunny day with a lovely cool breeze.  The best weather for JAV I remember ever having.  We got all the camera key totes emptied onto hangers and tables and had the camera booth ready for the day by ten.  At that point I realized the male partlets were not there... epp!  So Leofwyna and I made a dash back home to fetch them.  (She went along for the AC in the van.)  The faire went smoothly and well except for one of the steel fighters falling wrong and messing up his shoulder requiring him and a friend to head off to the hospital.  I gotta say by the time the day was done and everything packed up I was more than finished.  I was in bed by midnight.
Monday we ran up to Omaha for the day.  Leofwyna had unexpectedly got her sleep turned around Sunday morning so we took advantage to go shopping.  We both had some good luck at the many thrift store stops.  I got what appears to be a Longenberger basket, several cotton cutters, some white shirts and a brocade vest for the camera key project, a preserving cookbook and a cute frame for the sewing room (which still needs to be re-assembled).
Sunday I watered some more and cut out that nasty pontilla bush that was in my way.  I've been sewing up the linen strips for camera garb ties.  There's so many I'm sure there'll be enough for everything in the camera totes... the next busywork task.
Friday I furnished medical transportation for a friend and was treated to lunch.  Back at home some of the linen strips got sewn up for camera garb ties.
Eighth Century continues in genealogy.
Thursday I put on the crock pot with Thai Beef.  I knew I'd be working in the garden this afternoon.  The rest of the beds are thoroughly weeded and I watered at both locations.  There was a pile of branches off the maple tree so I stripped the leaves into the compost pile and harvested the larger branches for garden supports.  At the sewing table in the evening I sorted through the linen scrap bag... I need to make ties for the camera garb.
Friday was grey and sometimes drizzly but we got our sunshades up for the Saturday event between the drizzles.  Saturday was nearly perfect all day (sunny and light breeze) so we got a full day in (noon to 7pm) with lots of people attending.  Our photo booth pulled in a variety of customers in waves, allowing time to hang things back up and catch a few sit-downs.  Any more business and we would have needed more hands.  Joel stayed 2-3 hours making sure the equipment worked and making sure Christie and Natalya could manage it.  I stuck to dressing, undressing and wardrobe management.  Before we do this again, I need to add ties to what we have, re-do the organdie partlets, make 3-4 mens' shirts; aside from that we have good variety.
Thursday I loafed... I ached from all the digging.  Friday I moved about a third of my stuff back into the bedroom from the living room and loaded camera garb and rack into the van.  Saturday I was up VERY early to go to Elmwood for the demo.  It was windy but became even gustier until it was knocking things down and we gave up and packed up about 4.  The camera booth only netted three photos so I had a relatively easy day.
Monday, having gotten an early start catching up on the computer, I got up and out for lunch and hit a couple thrift stores.  I picked up three blank journals (I'll probably use them for the writing group that's starting up), a cookbook and a "fantasy" dress to add to the photo shop gold key and I passed up a large pressure canner (which I may regret).  Back at home Leofwyna called for a 'key run' having locked her keys in the van again.  It's just really fortunate that mine had turned up when we unloaded as I was sure I'd left them behind somewhere during the trip.  She found them in one of her shoes!  I know I didn't put them there!
Saturday afternoon I loaded bedframes, barony tables and the camp carpet tote in the van for Lilies to get it out of the way in the garage so I could do other work in there.  Then in the evening I cleared stuff out of the car, set up a couple tables in the garage and sorted camera garb and Gold Key to prepare a tote of Gold Key stuff to take to Newcomers Sunday afternoon.  Leofwyna got a tote of things she'd promised for Newcomers for me to take along, too.  She may make it later in the afternoon for part of it. 
Saturday the JAV demo came off really well.  The camera booth did fairly well, except for the hour lost to camera problems.  The weather was clear and the morning through noon winds eased up to pleasant breezes most of the afternoon.  But end of day was cut short when a storm blew up.  Fortunately we had enough warning we had folded up and loaded just as the first sprinkles arrived and we were on the road home when the heavy storm hit.  Back at home it turned out to be not much rain as my rainguage shows only .15 but it's good stuff didn't get wet as I don't know how I could have gotten things dried and put away on top of everything else to be done.

Sunday we unloaded JAV stuff from the van and loaded for a week of camping in Missouri then I weed-whacked around the veggie beds, weeded in the garden and mowed the outer verges.  Leofwyna took up mowing the front and though I'd intended to do the back she pushed on through and finished that up as well.  It was a very pretty day for all this with cool breezes which would have been perfect for a full day at JAV, darn  it.
Friday I loaded up the tables, sunshade and 'closet' to take out for JAV; arrived on site about four but we were sitting around waiting for the lay-out plans until Sash arrived at 5:30.  I had help setting up my sunshade and I helped set up isadora's and the baronial pavilion.  Back at home I loaded up the camera garb totes, two camp tables, Leofwyna's bench and folding chair before crashing with a soda in front of the tv.  I MUST rouse myself for a touch of supper... and I need to go back outside and put the little camp table in the van, too.  Saturday is going to be long and  tiring but I'm hoping we'll have steady business with the camera booth to make all the sewing worthwhile!!! 
Thursday I went through the Gold Key totes and sorted out some belts, a couple adult t-tunics and the 2-3 child's garmets we have to use at JAV.  I left the totes empty to pack the camera garb into and piled the Gold Key on the side table in the garage.   I'm definitely going to need to get more totes for this stuff.  I was supposed to deall with fastening tabs on everything but I got distracted by the gold and red-orange and made up a herald's tabard of part of it and hemmed the big rectangle for an additional table throw.  Leofwyna came out and got the 'closet legs' down out of the rafters and we cleared the two tubs of river rock and a couple dozen moving boxes out of the back of the van so I can use it this weekend. 
Tuesday I finished up the handwork on the truncated henin and hemmed the green skirt.  Natalya came over to compare notes on what we have ready and we decided I'd make another woman's doublet.  Wednesday I got that done and finished up the two mens' doublets I'd made last year for Gold Key to use for this instead. 
Sunday as I was finishing the partlets Lefowyna came out and said she was taking us to supper when she was done with some yardwork.  I thought that was a fine idea.  Back at home after supper we watched the three hours finishing up Survivor for the season being quite satisfied with Kim's win. 

Monday I really put the pedal to the metal and covered the 'henin' form with golden brocade upholstery samples, made up a spruce green brocade (tablecloth) skirt, and cut craft pellon shapes to become pointed henins.  I cut the white organdy and golden organdy for the henin veils, deciding not to bother with hems for this purpose... 5-foot rule applies.  I also made potato salad and grilled hambergers for supper so it was a busy day.
Friday and Saturday I'm working on three cotton organdy partlets.  Never thought they'd take so long but the organdy is fiddly and I don't have any pattern and have to invent them as I go.  Saturday I took time to go to the fabric store for velcro, chiffon and heavy pellon.  I'll be doing a couple hennins next and making sure everything already done has fastenings in the back.
Wednesday I went and got a haircut, started sewing a lattice pattern doublet and, mowed the outer verges and the backyard.  Leofwyna reported a weather threat of heavy hail as she left for work so instead of finishing with the front yard I cleared the garage to put the car in.  Fortunately the worst of the storm passed north of us so my garden was saved from that stress.  Thursday I set part of the sewing back up in the garage and worked on the camara garb, finishing the lattice patterned doublet, a bronze stripe silk "skirt" and remaking the heavy blue skirt from the Gold Key Tudor outfit.   Friday I sorted and packed for the weekend.  We were loaded up and on the road around four and pulled in to the motel around ten.  While on the road I'd worked on handstitching the lace on the magenta silk dress for the camera booth and got that finished.

The event this weekend was Kingdom A&S and included an equestrian competition.  Natalya's snow sculpture project was really quite impressive and she was successful in having an actual 'freezer-saved snow' sculpture on-site.  Otherwise my favorites were a lovely trestle table, a gorgeous illumination, and a Persian themed dance, garb and party food combination entry.  A whiz-bang storm cut outdoor activities short late in the afternoon; Isadora had wanted to authorize for equestrian but that was cancelled.  The storm blew through quickly and by time court was done and we were getting ready to leave the rain had mostly drained away.  We pulled back in at home around 1am

Sash has given me four yards of really nice off-white linen... just right for a new undertunic.  This will call for some hand embroidery I think.  Reminds me I still need to make up the brown linen I bought at Lilies last year.  I wanted to embroider that with cherries, reminiscent of the scroll I received the previous year.   Which also reminds me I have that red linen for an undertunic for the mustard caftan.  I've really gotta get on the ball!
When Leofwyna got up Sunday I suggested a movie so we went to see The Lucky One which was a visually stunning in addition to having an interesting story portrayed by excellent actors.  We were both very pleased with this one.  I  didn't do any sewing Sunday since it was gray and chilly all day but I put in two full days sewing Monday and Tuesday.  Belinda and her mom stoppedby this afternoon while they were walking and I was sewing to see what was shaping up. 
Saturday was good with Natalya and Isadora sewing most of the day with me.  Belinda stopped by to see what was progressing for awhile in the afternoon.  I finished the partlet I found in Sash's scraps awhile back then put together ruffs with linen bands and the golden plastic lace which will wear up very well (no drooping).  I may even appropriate one to wear with my green irish.  Natalya worked on kids' stuff and Isadora made hats.  Leofwyna reports she slept soundly; didn't hear anything at all.

I had thought to accomplish something further during the evening but I totally crumped... I napped, then forced myself to deal with getting something to eat.  I even went to bed a little earlier than usual and slept solidly tto 10.  Turns out we were lucky with the dry weather and temps Saturday 'cause it's chilly, grey and drizzling again Sunday.
I spent the last four days fighting off... not a cold really but a similar nastiness that caused lots of coughing and lethargy.  I think it's finally fading.  I did manage to get out Tuesday evening to cover plants against a possible frost and to mow the backyard but that used up what energy I had.

I've posted to the MagMor list that I'm hosting a sewing day the last Saturday in April (weather permitting) where I'll do the majority of the work on the faux garb for the camera booth at JAV.  That'll leave enough time for finishing up the handwork.  Meanwhile I need to make rough drawings and develop the patterns for the day... and gather up the makings that are scattered throughout the house. 



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