Tuesday I sorted and began packing garb and finished laundry. Wednesday I mowed before cleaning up for the evening gathering and supper. Both nights we relaxed over jigsaw puzzles... Leofwyna has been making protein cookies for Owain and I. Wednesday evening we learned Rosina won't be coming afterall so I'll wait to drive down Saturday... giving me an additional days grace... and Leofwyna will have time to finish the cookies to send with me instead of finding a different 'ride' for them. Thursday I went to the library to straighten out the book thing and printed out a couple pages for Lilies... Leofwyna is gone to music this evening.
Monday Leofwyna was gone again, working on the 'cannons'. I got on the ball finally, raised the camper to clear out, did laundry and pulled out garb to pack.
Sunday Leofwyna disappeared to Will's for the 'cannon' project. I wasted the day before heading out for supper and gaming this evenings. Now I have four days to get ready for Lilies...
Saturday, a lovely day. After lunch I went to the south Goodwill. Found quilt fabric, a cone ofblue weaving cotton and a 'flea weasel'. Tonight we started another jigsaw puzzle.
Friday, another beautiful day, I mowed the verges and backyard in one push, leaving the front until next week. We started another jigsaw puzzle this evening.
Thursday, a pretty day. Gyda called and I went over with my sewing machine to sew up a new tunic for her. She's trying to catch up for Lilies after all the rush of moving and getting elevated to Laurel. Back at home we finished another jigsaw puzzle.
Wednesday I decided to let the lawn go another couple days... then it rained a little. Rainbow. Tonight was farble and supper at Lazlo's.
Monday took it very easy all day... we sat together over a jigsaw puzzle in the evening and watched the two Hobbit movies back to back. As for being 'pulled forward', not so much. I was pretty much on my normal sleep cycle that night. Tuesday we both went over to Morgana's for a day's work getting her ready for Thursday. Gwenyth and Briganza were there Monday and with Isadora and us there today I think she's in good shape for the inspection Thursday.
Sunday up at eight and on site shortly after nine to set up the sunshade and hang the camera key. The weather was fine and warm with a light breeze, thank goodness. It was a long, busy afternoon and I was glad to see six o'clock when we packed up and loaded up. I'd gotten over-heated and headachy so wasn't interested in supper. I had a bowl of cereal and was in bed by ten... slept straight through ten hours. What a way to 'pull forward' my sleep cycle.
Friday we loaded up the RAV and trailer and were heading out of town to Horse and Falcon at Smithville by 2:30 in the afternoon. A little sooner than I'd anticipated but later than Leofwyna had hoped. We stopped at a couple thrift stores in St Jo before heading on to Smithville where we were fortunate to get permission to park with the horse trailers near the permanent showers. Saturday we awoke to rain so went back to sleep. Didn't get dressed and out until after two when the weather cleared up some... though it did rain again during court. Gyda's laureling was a lovely rite and her scroll is pyrography on a loom... the tablet cards can be laid out together to show a laurel wreath. Very cool! Following court Leofwyna and I changed, dropped the trailer and were back on the road by 7pm. We stopped for supper at Red Lobster in St Joseph and got home near 10. The RAV was quickly unloaded and then loaded to Sunday's JAV duties. The morning is going to be early to get the sunshade set up and the camera key arranged to the afternoon's photo sessions.
Wednesday I cleaned up in the laundry room and continued the jigsaw puzzle. In the evening we went to A&S and supper with the group. Thursday I Met Carlos at the storage unit and helped load stuff for JAV. Back at home I mowed the backyard and Leofwyna finished up the front while I staged things in the garage for JAV. Timing is going to be tight this weekend.
Monday after lunch I was going to get the lawn mown. Unfortunately a storm blew in and I only got the west and south verge done... and that's while the sprinkles had started. So we put another jigsaw puzzle together. Tuesday I cleaned up the kitchen from Leofwyna's baking session and did a couple loads of laundry. Another jigsaw puzzle was started this evening.
Sunday and we finished one puzzle and started another. Gaming tonight was Munchkin with just four of us but it was fun and I want Leofwyna to experience it sometime.
Saturday I slept in, loafed the afternoon away but after supper I began some of the sorting...beginning with puzzles and books under the window. Then I took a puzzle upstairs to put together on the table. Leofwyna and I were both sore from our labors last night. Fortunately the rain today was light and didn't last long. We should be good now the rest of the week.
Friday the rains came. JAV has been postponed to Sunday, May 28 so we had a slow and lazy afternoon and evening. Then so much rain fell around midnight that it came in at the southwest basement windowwell and we were kept busy a couple hours dealing with all the water. The crack in the southeast wall did it's part also. We checked and the downspouts were properly connected and the well covers in place so that wasn't the problem.
Thursday I worked on finishing the camera dickey and 2.5 of the four pirate shirts.
Wednesday I see our trees are okay but there's some limbs down in the neighborhood. I'd gotten up to the alarm clock. Wanted to make sure I was on time to meet up with Opal to pass the 18 tops, 6 pieced backs and 4 whole backs... two full boxes. Declined to accept two small boxes... I really need to deal with what I have myself before I take on their stashes anymore. While I was at lunch another storm came through with heavy rain. MagMor meeting was scribal this week and I got one completed before the group cleaned up and headed to supper at Applebey's. Back at home I cleared up the kitchen, mixed up and baked three batches of banana bread, then loaded the dishwasher with the resulting pile. It rained again during the night.
Tuesday after my massage with Cait I headed to a late lunch, then FoodNet where I picked up a couple hands of bananas, a potato, half a dozen eggs, whipping cream, and a quart 1% milk. At the sewing table tonight I finished butting strips together and started the long seams. A late night storm blew through with some heavy rain.
Monday Haldara and I met up at the community garden to discuss our parameters. We'll take turns watering, she'll plant the east half... ocra and beets were mentioned. We'll back each other up wnen the other is gone and on weeding. Back at home I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce and canned the extra (three quarts).
Sunday morning Leofwyna commented on a nighttime rain I didn't hear. That's good for the plants I put in yesterday. Gaming tonight at Waldman's was a good set. At the sewing table cutting more blend strips. Yeah, I found a pile of solid blends to get ready for the box.



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