Apr. 26th, 2017

Tuesday I made a stop at the community garden and raked over the east end, raking the shredded weeds off to the side. Looking real good. Then headed to the other side of town for lunch and the south Goodwill, looking to fulfill a requested commission. The sheepskin is still there so tonight I ran the idea by Leofwyna about getting it for a bed pad in the camper... she thought it would be a good idea so I'll go back tomorrow in hops it's still there. On the way back to go to FoodNet the car died. A nice young man had stopped and let me use his cell. Calling Leofwyna didn't get her on the phone... she didn't have the one upstairs turned on and didn't hear the one downstairs ringing so I was only able to leave a message on the machine. Nearly an hour later the young man was back with a gallon of gas (He wouldn't allow me to pay for it, bless his heart) but the car still wouldn't start. I called Farmers for a tow and left another message for Leofwyna on his phone before he had to leave again. It was a nice neighborhood. Over the next hour three different man checked to see if I was okay. The one from the house I was in front of allowed me to visit their bathroom and later his wife came out and offered coffee or hot chocolate. The tow finally arrived (from Omaha for heaven's sake) and in no time I was finally at 24-hour where I learned sometimes it takes more than a gallon of gas to get the car started again. Who knew? It was a relief, when I got home, that Leofwyna had rationalized sufficiently so as not to worry about my absence and had gone to FoodNet without me. Since it was late when I got home we went to Golden Corral for supper. At the sewing table I broke down the cotton flannels from Kronberg for a couple tops but I can't finish either of them until I find the box of flannel I know I have somewhere.



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