Apr. 24th, 2017

Saturday Leofwyna put together food for Herdmaster so we had some of that for our supper too. I made it an another easy day aside from loading up Gold Key. That's two pretty days and no garden progress, I'm bad. At the sewing table tonight I started putting together another top with sniglet squares that came to the surface as I dug into the pile on the table.

Sunday was Herdmaster. I dressed three from Gold Key. For handwork I took along my green silk to finish the hem. Once that was done I dug into the bag of linen to prepare coifs and hankies for my work basket. I made arrangements to hire the hall for a sewing day Saturday, May 6th 10am to 'whenever'. We'll work up shirts and chemises for Gold Key. Zino won the champion position, Kate was made herd-driver and Morgana got Espiritu. Back home at the sewing table I finished the sniglet top and started pressing a lot of cotton I'd washed this weekend.



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