Apr. 15th, 2017

Friday I went out for lunch then stopped at the library to renew an audio book and the thrift store (found more thread). At the sewing table after supper I pieced the final Kronberg blocks in this batch then put the new green silk skirt on the Italian bodice so I could wear it Saturday.

Saturday was Kingdom A&S in Lonely Tower. There was an excellent turnout of populace and entries. Leofwyna was in her element. There was no feast and no one from Magmor was stopping for supper so Leofwyna and I stopped at a thrift store (no joy) before going to Pla Too for supper. Had a nice visit with Pla and got to show off the new outfit. At the sewing table I started putting the Kronberg blocks into tops... there's enough for nine of 'em and will take several evenings to get done.



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