Mar. 25th, 2017

So, after deciding on Monday we'd go to Gulf Wars we were packed up and leaving Thursday for the drive down to the far side of Mississippi. We'd had plans to attend Gulf Wars in the next year or two but with Master Gerald taking the Great Machine down this year we came to the decision this should be the year to go. For the most part we had good weather... meaning moderate temperatures. There was some rain the first couple days of the war but no storms which was good. And since we were so close to New Orleans we added a couple days there as well. It was a great trip and the timing was good, leaving Louisiana the day before some big storms hit. Our drive through Oklahoma and Kansas included driving through driving rain but at least we were away from the worst storms.

At the Gulf Wars I spent most of my time at the Great Machine while Leofowyna took some classes. I spent Friday and Saturday in the ELT area with Marcella and Ed when the GM was being taken down for the trip back home. In New Orleans we took a swamp tour, explored the Old Market, and drove around through wonderful old neighborhoods.



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