Jan. 19th, 2017

Tuesday I went to lunch and the library and managed to lose track of time and miss FoodNet this week. Instead went to the grocery store to stock up a bit for this week. After supper I continued working on kronberg blends but wasn't able to finish another top in time to add it to the pile. Wednesday after lunch and genealogy at the library I unloaded the new table from the car, loaded up the quilt tops in the car and moved the gold key out of the living room into the garage. Then I was able to head out for scribes' moot with a clear conscience. Thursday I waited to help Leofwyna move the camper out of the garage to get ready for the weekend. Then after lunch, library and supper I packed and loaded, ready to go. Today my back near tire was 'squishy' and had to go get it filled.



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