Jan. 4th, 2017

Sunday Owain led gaming so I played Han again.  Although I hadn't done my homework and surely missed opportunities we had a good night chasing down a pack of goblins through the back alleys of the town.  When I got home I went through the book learning what this character might be capable of and making plans when he advances.  Monday I stayed in while Leofwyna ran errands.  In the evening I sewed up a special cap to assist a project she has going.  Tuesday I headed out for lunch, haircut and the Vine Street Goodwill.  I found a replacement purse as my 'Alaskan' purse is falling apart.  Since I stopped at Joanne's for webbing I was late getting to FoodNet so I was last through the line.  I got a sweet potato, two oranges, a hand of bananas, a jicama, crackers and a loaf of bread.  At the sewing table blend squares have been assembled into a top that needs a narrow border but I set that aside for the moment to assemble blend bits and start a bit and strippie top.  



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