Friday, four sessions at the library computer (morning and afternoon) with a break for lunch. Home again at five... oops! Was supposed to be there enough before five for Leofwyna to go to Isadora's... and for me to wait for the no-show LTT guy. Saturday, up early to bring more compost to the community garden and harvest some green beans such it's supposed to be not quite so hot today. The overcast disappeared just about as I was finishing up so mowing will wait until late afternoon today.
Thursday and its still really hot... this is due to break for Saturday so the mowing is going to wait. I spent the afternoon at the library computers. Later I watered the back garden. While Leofwyna was at music I fripped (loafed).
Wednesday I had every intention of mowing. On my lunch, library computer run I stopped for the gas to do it. When I got back home Leofwyna encouraged me NOT to mow due to the heat. After a nap and some consideration I agreed. So it's her fault. We went to moot in the evening in one vehicle so I suggested Red Robin for the supper group and succeeded. I tried the salmon sandwich, which was was majorly good, with a side of onion strings. That will be worth repeating sometime.
Tuesday, we've had rain so no compost moving or mowing today. Headed to the library computers awhile then home to deal with kitchen, finish laundry (putaway), bake banana bread, etcetra.
Monday I got up early to move compost. I weeded in the community garden before shoveling the compost over the potato bed. Looks like I need to do 2-3 more trips for the effect I want. By noon I was cleaned up and at lunch followed by some library computer time. It was too hot for doing more of the planned compost moving. A nap was in order, supper and fripping in front of the tv in the evening.
Sunday a little library computer time then home to pick up cassarole to take to Waldmans' supper. Gaming was there too. Buck is 4th level now.
Friday and Saturday I spent with Gwyneth at her home. Got a big section of the current quilt stitched. I took along some banana bread and made us scrambled eggs for breakfast to go with it.
Thursday I did get through the laundry after returning from the library/computer but not the other items on the to do list that I really meant to get done. Leofwyna was gone most of the afternoon and evening so I napped and loafed.
Wednesday I went and picked up the repaired lawnmower and got the entire lawn mown. It was humid but overcast, so with no sun and reasonable temps... and the power drive working so splendidly... it was no problem to get done with the whole thing. I went to lunch with Leofwyna at the north 27th Chinese buffet she said had improved but I wasn't impressed. Headed to the library for computer time until Moot in the evening. Passed on supper with the group, they went to Country Chicken... I didn't want two meh meals in the same day. It started raining lightly as we left the library... continued raining steadily well into the night with thunder and lightning.
Sunday I headed out for a quiet afternoon on the library computer, supper at Red Robin and gaming at Volkmar's with Arne as DM. Monday Leofwyna and I headed to Aurora for the Cousins' luncheon. I'm relieved that Leofwyna changed her mind about going to North Loup this week; she needs more recovery time. Both evenings were fripping in front of the tv until bedtime. Tuesday I watered the back garden, unloaded the car and put away the Gold Key totes before heading out to the library computers. Went to FoodNet where I picked up another hand of bananas, half a dozen eggs, tomatoes, chopped macadamia nuts, and so forth. I sense more baking soon. A movie didn't happen as nothing we wanted was playing right now.
Friday was coronation prep although I got away for one quick computer session mid afternoon. Before the library I cooked up 15 dozen eggs; after the library I returned and boxed the eggs up and got them in the cooler. I brought Subway footlongs for our supper and had to browbeat Leofwyna into stopping long enough to eat hers. Saturday was coronation and I thought it went off very well. My task was to sit guard over the Easterday location which we hired for the bathrooms... was cheaper than portajons... and cooler. Only a few dozen people came through but it was available. The other task of the day for me was clean up. Folks were stepping up well for this and I dried to Sigthrig's washing up in the kitchen. Loaded up my car. Swept the kitchen and stayed until Leofwyna was satisfied all was well. It was after midnight when we got home and crashed. Volkmar, Owain and Sigthrig stayed for locking up with us as well.
Wednesday some time at the library on the computer and the usual Wednesday get together and supper. Thursday waited 3.5 hours for Carlos to come pick up a pork roast... with Leofwyna's RAV gone he drove on by and didn't stop. MY car was right there but... I finally got to eat after three and then to the library computer for a couple hours. Then a grocery list to shop and loading Gold Key for Friday's long day of getting ready for Coronation.
Monday computing at the library and corned beef hash for supper. Harvested the first tomato from this years garden. It still needs to ripen somewhat. More fripping with tv in the evening. Tuesday, 4th of July, there's been noisy fireworks all over town since Thursday. Monday night was particularly bad... loud as two of the neighbors joined in. Tuesday I weeded the north half of the middle long bed before the humidity drove me back indoors. I did get a chance to talk with the north neighbor about limbing the north maple and the possibility someone would walk on her garage roof in the process. She thought it all a good idea. We finished off the corned beef with veggies for supper. It was a long day of reading, tv, and fripping topped off with a final noisy evening for the holiday. Fortunately Cassie is oblivious to the noise.
Saturday library computer; Leofwyna made supper. Fripping and tv in the evening. Fausti wasn't able to get the replacement tower going. Sunday library computer in the afternoon and gaming in the evening at Theron's.
Friday I went again to the library for computer time. Back at home I put a corned beef to boil for supper. Spent the evening fripping in front of the television with Leofwyna doing her puzzles.
Thursday I spent a good part of the day at the library on the computer. Threw the wet towels from the basement floor in the washer/dryer and did a couple personal loads, too. Spent the evening, while Leofwyna was at music, fripping and watching tv. Really miss the computer being available at home. A storm blew through around ten but the floor downstairs remains dry tonight; I'm ready though with dry towels for the next time.
Now to cover LILIES... I didn't go until Saturday for various reasons. I pulled into troll just before they closed for the night which meant I was looking for a spot to put up the camper in the dark. "Campers' Row" was half filled with campers but the other half was filled with parked cars. It took nearly an hour of looking and backing and looking and backing but I finally settled in the trailer park under a couple trees which turned out to have very nice shade well past noon on sunny days. Especially in hindsight as campers' row is noisy with the ice truck and traffic I was content. Sunday and Monday I sewed rats, Tuesday I sewed my three-panel skirt and Thursday I started my new red shift which will go with my mustard caftan. I made a grocery run Monday and made supper for the group Tuesday. The apple-sausage-and-bean pot worked very well with five-cup salad alongside. Tuesday night I was already thinking about leaving early but commitment for Thursday prevailed. The steady breeziness Sunday and Monday kept things from getting too uncomfortable. Tuesday was rather hot without the strong breeze. I'd missed the first rains of the war but Wednesday a morning rain blew through. I had 'last' troll Wednesday evening missing court which had been rescheduled from five to seven to my dismay. Tigernan got a torse. Another storm blew through even earlier Thursday morning. My day was busy getting ready for the Pirate Party and was able to be on schedule... then another storm blew through and I wasn't able to fire up the grill. A much reduced party did happen into the evening under the shelter of the Great Machine but I loaded up and slipped away. One new song was created telling how Gerald became Gack Goodrum the pirate. Friday morning when I woke I recognized I was done; ready to load up and go. Each morning I was progressively light headed and I deduced it was the DEET accumulating from spraying my legs each day; that had to stop. Breaking down camp I called up to a gentleman passing on the road for help bringing down the roof. Turned out to be Luther and he helped me line up the RAV to the hitch and get attached. Good thing too as I wave of dizziness hit as I bent to hook up... woah!!! I had no trouble on the road home (being upright) and pulled in at dusk to find Leofwyna doing yardwork. Her surgery had been postponed.
Another week has passed without getting my Lilies notes transcribed. That will be my next post. This week we've had rain a couple times so getting the lawn mowed took some planning. Got that done Monday while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook for coronation. Friday was a movie... Wonder Woman was as good as friends had indicated. Other wise the week was the usual gaming on Sunday, FoodNet Tuesday*, MagMor get-together and supper on Wednesday. The computer has locked up again over the weekend and this time NTT says it's the computer and not the connection so nothing they can fix. Leofwyna has Fausti lined up for a replacement, just have to wait for it to be accomplished. So I've been spending time at the library for computer access. With the computer down I've been spending time in the evenings upstairs with Leofwyna watching tv and fripping. Got two bags done this week. This morning (Thursday) I found water on the floor downstairs again so that's to deal with today. Last night at supper Owain and Gerald sounded like they were willing to help with pruning the maple tree. If I can get Arne, too, we should be able to make good work of it without the expense of the tree surgeon who's going to be working on the tree next door. That sounds like a much better ideal fiscally. As long as no one hurts themselves.

*potato, flour, carrots, raspberries, half dozen eggs, apple turnovers, pasta, cake mix, hamberger helper, green beans
I need to find my notebook before I can post for Lilies so that will be posted out of order. Meanwhile, I came home Friday, loafed Saturday, mowed half the lawn Sunday before going to gaming Sunday evening at Theron's. Monday I finished mowing and emptied the camper and RAV. Tuesday I weeded the tomato bed and did several loads of laundry. Tuesday evening after going to FoodNet Leofwyna and I went to the cheap movies to see Wonder Woman which was well worth going downtown for. At FoodNet we'd gotten lots of bananas, a couple artichokes, two cauliflower heads, four lemons, a dozen brown eggs and more to Wednesday afternoon and evening I baked several batches of banana bread in addition to going for the Wednesday meeting and supper.
Friday I got the bed made up in the camper and finished packing. Loading and travel happens tomorrow. Lilies, here I come.



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