Sunday was a recovery day (computer time)and in the evening was gaming. We slayed a manticore.
Friday I took Leofwyna to her appointment followed by many errands. By that time I was starving so she went with me for an early supper (my lunch) before heading home to get two-thirds of the mowing accomplished. While I did that she make my calls for me and got the peaches sorted and later we prepped and canned seven quarts. There's more to do tomorrow.

Saturday we drove up to Omaha and had lunch at Pla Too before heading north to pick up the pullet eggs I'd ordered. We stopped at Blair and Gretna for the Goodwills but they were closing at three for a family picnic day to our disappointment. When Haldora called we learned our chicken order isn't happening and I'll be paying more than planned on the pies. So when we got back to Lincoln I went to Aldi's and found the chicken I need for $2/lb and got 12 pounds and was happy not to pay $5/lb. The evening was prepping and canning the rest of the peaches. I really need to figure out how to prevent siphoning though.
Thursday Leofwyna's night was rough as her knee was paining her greatly. I took her back in to get her knee re-wrapped as the binding was way too tight. She was much more comfortable today after that. I got in a full set of computer sessions but as a result didn't get much else accomplished. I've got to do better.
Wednesday and Leofwyna got her knee scoped this afternoon.
Tuesday lunch and library computer time. Big cucumbers are available now so processing them for cinnamon pickles is now added to the list. Leofwyna and I went to a movie tonight... Dunkirk kept us in tension throughout. Dad would have appreciated these war movies.
Monday I went to FoodNet, found Leofwyna was there too. Got a couple loaves of bread for CR, two diet pepsi, soup, cukes, a tomato and a dozen eggs. I went to lunch and library computer time. Back at home I picked a quart of tomatoes off my own plants... they're finally ripening up but no additional flowers yet. We're approaching 'crunch' week when pies, soup and pickles will pile up with Leofwyna on crutches, oh my.
Sunday I spent the afternoon on the library computers then went to gaming at the Doerrs'
Saturday after lunch and library computer time I returned to clear up the kitchen, carry up laundry, carry down fripper bags, carry up jars and carry out fripper trash and compost. Leofwyna made the first batch of mullagatawny and I canned the five jars. NOTE, freeze the following batches of mullagatawny... two of the jars siphoned half their contents then didn't seal. We ended up with three quarts (and two half quarts) of soup.
Friday after lunch and library computer time I went to the community garden and dug up five of my potato plants. Leofwyna needs the potatoes for the Mullagatawny she's making for Cattle Raids tomorrow. We went to Shopko together to check out the towels on sale and pick up canned sodas for Cattle Raids.
Thursday after library computer time and lunch I returned to deal with the peaches. We canned 6 quarts... about one/third of the haul. Unfortunately Leofwyna removed them from the canner shortly after the pressure returned to zero and they siphoned drastically. A learning opportunity I suppose as I didn't state more carefully before I left the house for a final round at the library computer.
Wednesday spent much time on the library computer then Moot and supper with the gang. We've got some new people coming to Cattle Raids who sound willing to pitch in with some of the work as well. The peaches are coming along, which is a relief considering what we paid for them, and tomorrow may be the busy day dealing with them.
Tuesday after lunch and some library computer time I noticed dark clouds rolling in so hurried home to get the rest of the yard mowed. After I showered and as I climbed back into the car it started sprinkling so my timing was excellent. I returned to the library to get the rest of my available computer time. For supper I opened one of my quarts of spaghetti sauce. I forgot to go to FoodNet but Leofwyna did and got more bread for the freezer for Cattle Raids, bless her heart.
Monday after library computer time and lunch I got on the ball and made 7 cheese quiches (four were with mushrooms) and made more vegetable broth, canning 7 quarts. This made for a long evening of work. Finished up by driving the pies over to the Waldman freezer shortly after 2am. Leofwyna decided to mow the front yard this afternoon since the day was so lovely. She also helped by rolling out the crusts for the four mushroom pies.
Sunday after lunch and some computer time at the library I stopped at home to make a couple phone calls. I found the food processer Leofwyna was sure we had in the rummage pile. I think we should hang on to that. Headed to gaming at the Doerrs where we each made 1100 points. Since three were missing the points went further. Leofwyna was able to get my order placed for the chicken when Halldora called back in the evening.
Saturday after lunch and some computer time I picked up some Cattle Raids groceries and made vegetable broth from scratch (once I'd seen what the stores were charging for less than a quart, $3.69). Isadora stopped over to get the carrots from Leofwyna even as she was peeling them, getting ready to grate. It's rather amusing watching those two personalities being stubborn with each other. Volkmar and I stayed out of the discussion, he playing with the cat (despite his allergies) and I beginning to peel my own carrots for the broth. When the broth was ready I canned the nearly seven quarts which cost me barely $10 and will be used in the mushroom and cheese pies and in the Mulligatawny soup.
Thursday after computer time and lunch I called the three nearest chicken operations and found my pullet eggs. She'll call me when she has enough for me to pick up so I will be doing scotch eggs for Cattle Raids. Friday Leofwyna and I drove down to St. Jo where we picked peaches from the wrong row. We certainly hope they'll ripen to be canned this week, otherwise it's an expensive lesson to learn. We will probably go back to do it right next year, plus go in June for raspberries. We stopped in at a couple thrift stores before heading home. In the evening I was finally able to find the green file box and get my fowl pie receipt. I was so wiped out by the day I went to bed shortly after midnight and slept soundly. Found Leofwyna was still awake this morning...
Wednesday at the library computer I remembered to print out my pages. Now I have a list to call for pullet eggs and the sign-up sheets for Cattle Raids. I need to finish finding recipes and make my grocery list and work list. Went to the social and supper in the evening, although supper was Perkins so I only got a rootbeer float.
Tuesday and Ingabiorg came over to do massages. I now feel GREAT! Went to lunch and library computer and forgot (again) to print out results. Leftovers for supper and more fripping with television.
Monday we were up before noon to go to another FoodNet looking for bread and rolls. Came away with some nice bananas, more strawberries, fried chicken, pepsi and diet pepsi, and more. I got in a little computer time at the library late in the afternoon. An early attempt was blocked by herds of kids... even checked at a second location with no luck. Leofwyna made tuna noodle cassarole.
Saturday after some library computer time I mowed the front yard and big verges, leaving the back and small verge as there's still some really wet spots. I watered the tomatoes and brassicas from the water barrel. Sunday we went to 17th and A(?) FoodNet and got several rolls and breads for inn, an angelfood cake, strawberries, and more. I picked up a few windows and storm windows from craigslist for the glasshouse. Sunday night was gaming with Buck again... we've all been bumped up to fifth level.



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